Welcome to HBBC Youth Online!!

It seems we are staying in lock down for a bit longer than predicted, but that’s OK because this gives us a chance to expand our skill set and find new and exciting ways to engage with our kids and young people.

We are currently working in four different areas online to bring a range of resources to the youth. You can find out more about this by scrolling further down the page. We are hoping that by providing different ways to interact with all that there will be something that each person can engage with.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we might be able to make our online experience more engaging please don’t hesitate to email: youth@highbarnetbaptist.com


LIVE-STREAMS on Saturdays via Twitch

Live-Streams (Saturdays)

We have set up a Twitch Channel to do Live-Streams on Saturdays at 7-PM.

Each Live-Stream will have a talk and an opportunity for whichever leader is hosting to perform a challenge and a chance for everyone to play some games. The challenge will be voted on during Sunday Gatherings.

Live-Streams will automatically be saved as a video to the channel so if you miss a Live-Stream you can always go back and watch it later.

You don’t need a Twitch account to join or watch our Live-Streams, but you might require one if you want to leave a comment or use the live chat during the streaming.


Sunday Gatherins via Zoom

Sunday Gatherings (Sundays)

We will be having a Zoom Video Conference meeting every Sunday at 2-PM for a chance to catch-up and for the young people to feedback or ask any questions they have regarding the talk from the Live-Stream or in their daily bible readings.

We are aiming for 2pm so that those who would like to spend the mornings together during Church @ Home have that option available to them. We are also hoping that 2pm will not interrupt families who have Sunday lunch.

To join our Sunday Gatherings, you will need a free Zoom account or can use an account belonging to another family member as long as they are not already using it. You will also need our chat name and password to join our private chat.

You can send a request before the gathering by sending a message through email or through our Instagram page, make sure to mention your name and which group/club you would normally be attending otherwise your request may be ignored.


Bible Study (Monday - Friday) on YouTube

Bible Study (Monday – Friday)


We are currently in the middle of the John Challenge. The aim of the challenge is to read one chapter of the Book of John each day.

This will be accompanied by a short 5-10 minute video each day (Monday to Friday) by a leader highlighting something from the chapter that stood out to them. We will not be uploading videos to accompany the readings on Saturday or Sunday as we want to focus on improving our Live-Streams and Sunday Gatherings.

You don’t need a YouTube account to see any videos that we post but will require one if you want to leave a comment.

Here is our current reading plan:

Week One:

20/04/2020 – Chapter 1 | Giving God the Glory
21/04/2020 – Chapter 2 | Being Humble
22/04/2020 – Chapter 3 | Understanding Gods Plan
23/04/2020 – Chapter 4 | Closing the Distance
24/04/2020 – Chapter 5 | An Overview
25/04/2020 – Chapter 6 | No Video
26/04/2020 – Chapter 7 | No Video


Week Two:

27/04/2020 – Chapter 8 | God’s Grace
28/04/2020 – Chapter 9 | Healing a Blind Man vs. Who Sinned?
29/04/2020 – Chapter 10 | Who is Jesus?
30/04/2020 – Chapter 11 | Trusting in God
01/05/2020 – Chapter 12 |
02/05/2020 – Chapter 13 | No Video
03/05/2020 – Chapter 14 | No Video


Week Three:

04/05/2020 – Chapter 15 |
05/05/2020 – Chapter 16 |
06/05/2020 – Chapter 17 |
07/05/2020 – Chapter 18 |
08/05/2020 – Chapter 19 |
09/05/2020 – Chapter 20 | No Video
10/05/2020 – Chapter 21 | No Video


Keeping Up-2-Date on Instagram

Keeping Up-2-Date

To stay up to date with all that is going on with HBBC Youth Online you can check out our Instagram page. We will be posting reminders of activities we are already running while also teasing some one-off events.

You don’t need an Instagram account to see any pictures, updates or videos that we post. Use our ‘Name-Tag’ below to follow us from your phone or tablet devices, alternatively you can search for our name through the web browser.