IMPACT! SUNDAYS (Sch yrs, 7 – 9)


IMPACT! Sundays meet during the morning service at HBBC, and is an extension of the Friday youth group, (IMPACT!). IMPACT! Sundays is for anyone in school years 7-9, and each session is packed with activities and discussion.

It will be announced during the service when it is time for groups to start, at which point the youth can leave their families in the main service and join their friends and leaders as they head upstairs together.

We follow a range of themes during the year, which helps us in our understanding of the Bible, and equips us to live out our faith at home, at school and with our friends. Every Sunday, each child receives a folder, which they can put activity sheets into and other items to help remember what they have learnt during their sessions. At the end of each academic year the young people are given their folders so they can reflect on the year.

IMPACT! Sundays sessions are led by either; Deborah, Esther or Ruth.