Busy Bees Xtra, for families!


Busy Bees Xtra is a new group aimed at building relationships and creating community values with the families that attend Busy Bees. It was launched in December 2019, by Daniel Robson.

Like the main Busy Bees Group this is a stay and play event, meaning that any children attending cannot be left unaccompanied by the adult that brings them. However, unlike Busy Bees, Busy Bees Xtra is aimed at including the whole family, including partners, older siblings and grandparents.

We would love to invite the whole family to join us for events such as movie days, family lunches and days out to the beach, petting zoos, picnics in the park and any other events we can think of.

Busy Bees Xtra is run by Daniel Robson and Rebecca Brewerton, for more information about the latest event run by Busy Bees Xtra please contact BusyBees@highbarnetbaptist.com or DanielR@highbarnetbaptist.com