(This is a picture of our Busy Bees team – 2019)



An older generation called it Sunday School. We call it Busy Bees, Sparklers and Ground-Breakers. Plus, it’s no longer restricted to just Sundays.

Come a little bit earlier than the 10:45 service to get a cup of tea or coffee and hang out in our new young families area. The kids are then taken out for their groups after the first 45 minutes of the service.

You can safely leave those aged 0-3 in Sparklers, there is story time and plenty of toys. Or if your child is in primary school they can attend Ground-Breakers. In these groups we love having fun looking at God’s word and just getting to know each other better.

There are slightly different arrangements on Sundays during the School holidays.

Busy Bees is our midweek group, on Tuesdays, for those who are 0 – 4 years old. We meet at the church from 10.00 – 11.45am. We play, laugh and explore the many stories in the Bible that teach us about things that may happen to us or around us.

Busy Bees Extra is a brand new group that meets several times a year mostly on Saturdays, with the occasional midweek event. Busy Bees Extra is about belonging to a community and building friendships between the parents/carers and helpers of Busy Bees and the rest of the family members.

Daniel Robson oversees all the Children and Youth work at HBBC Kids. If you would like to know more about the groups, please contact the church office Office@highbarnetbaptist.com or Daniel directly DanielR@highbarnetbaptist.com


Toddler Groups and Events

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Busy Bees (0-4)

Busy Bees has been running for over 20 years and is a stay and play group that meets on Tuesday mornings.

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Busy Bees Extra (Family Events)

Busy Bees Extra is a new group that meets throughout the year aiming to build friendships with the families that attend Busy Bees.

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Sparklers – (0-4)

Sparklers is our crèche that happens on Sundays during the morning service. Parents and Carers are invited to drop their children off and return to the service, knowing their children will be looked after by trained volunteers.

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GroundBreakers – (School years 1-6)

Ground-Breakers is based on teaching the bible to primary school aged children. We meet upstairs for a short while on a Sunday during the 10:45 service. We discuss the bible in a creative and engaging way.

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Toddlers and Children Team Leaders

We have a talented team with a heart to see children develop in their life and faith. We take the well-being and safety of children and young people seriously.  All children and youth leaders have completed a DBS check in accordance with our Safeguarding Policy and attend Safeguarding training on a regular basis.



If you see us at church on a Sunday, feel free to speak to us directly for more information about the groups we are a part of.



High Barnet Baptist Church take the safeguarding of under 18’s very seriously. If you would like to see a copy of our safe guarding policy it can be found on either our Documents Page or our Children & Youth Page.